About Us

Created in 2011, Creative Comic Art aims to be the ultimate source for those interested in starting their very own comic book, webcomic, concept artwork and more.


What I (visitors) need to know

Although the website is mostly about learning now to create comic books and webcomics, its blog (when done) is updated with anything comic and art related. (This could be anything from concept art to my favorite – sculptures and statues!)



You can send any inquiries, suggestions or requests through the contact form.


Why Amazon?

We are Amazon affiliates – so any link to recommended books or other products provide us a commission and helps support this site.

Amazon is one of the most used online retailer platforms and is well known for its services and competitive pricing. Amazon offers a wide variety of comic art related stuff from tutorials or “how-to” books to stationary and other drawing materials. (You can even get a drafting table here too!) On top of that, one of the many reasons we chose Amazon is because they offer both new and used books. Most of the used books are well kept and are usually cheaper than the brand new ones.


Anything else?

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