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Find out the basics of several facial expressions that are fairly common in comics and learn how a few tweaks can change one expression to another.

Drawing Basics – The Facial Features

  The Eyes The eyes are often the most difficult part to draw when drawing a face. If you think about it, the eyes are what give a face life. Your eyes can tell how you are feeling. They can give you away if you are lying. If you want a drawing of a face to look...

Drawing Basics – Human Figure & Head

Using Stick Figures Drawing with stick figures is an effective way to draw if you are new to drawing human figure in motion or action. Regardless of whether you are new to drawing the human figure or not, using stick figures as the form or basis of your figure...

How to Draw Using Perspective

Knowing how to draw perspective is important in most art, and in comics that is no exception. Every comic book uses perspective in a lot of ways and it is good idea to know the basics of it.

Let’s Go!

Learn more about drawing, developing characters, and creating your own comic!

Latest Articles

Mike Choi

Michael Choi (better known) as Mike Choi has quickly risen to become a great standout in the world of comics and sequential art. While there have been many artists that have come and gone delivering a competent job, Choi's work has risen far above industry standards....

Clayton Crain

Clayton Crain may have the appearance of a rockstar or a biker, but make no mistake-this young man has quickly earned a reputation as one of the leading American comic book artists. As an impressionable youth the world of comic illustration seemed to be the only...

Frank Cho

Frank Cho is a comic artist. He is best known for his mature style of art that has led to many issues in his professional career. His disdain for censorship led him into a whole new venue and caused him to work hard to achieve his goals. Despite this setback he has...

Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is no stranger to fame as one of the most sought after comic artist who has spent several years with legendary publishing houses such as Marvel, DC and Dark House Comics. Well known for his pin up style depiction of the femme fatales in his work, Adam's...

Female Roles in Comics

Back in the earlier years of comic books, men can clearly be seen as the leading figure for superheroes, villains, and sidekicks while the women merely fill in the role of the love interest or the ever-too-curious damsel who in her eagerness to know more about...

Writing Comic Books – Tips & Ideas

So you are interested in writing comics? Perhaps you are a passionate artist, or you just like to write, and feel that you are ready to write a comic book, go for it! You could have the next most popular comic book series. You will never know until you try! The...

What it Takes to be a Comic Artist

The comic book and graphic novel industry are some of the fastest growing and most popular sectors of the literature market, and there is many a comic book artist turning his hand to try new things to take advantage of the increasing demand for comic books. The...

Becoming A Comic Artist: What You Can Do

Looking at the literature market, the comic book industry is becoming increasingly popular if not the fastest growing and thanks to the successful comic-to-movie trend going on in the film industry, the future of comics is bright indeed. With the increase of...

Comic Returns, Taxes, Measuring Success

  Returns and rejects During the course of selling your comics or art books, there are bound to be several copies that are not sell-able. This can be that one odd book that has color problems, the book that has misprinted pages or the book that was torn or...

Profit from Prints

We all know that in the end, when we have published a comic book physically, it is very likely that we want to monetize that. We like to think publishing as an investment in ways that when we commit ourselves to it, we must be certain of the outcome and benefit from...

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