When it comes to making financial income or profit , there are more than one way to make profit from comic art. This is especially true once you have established yourself online. Instead of just printing comic books and selling them, let us see how we can monetize the most from our comic works online.


Online side income

At this stage, you have a rough idea of how things work online. You would probably know how websites and blogs work and how the amount of traffic that goes through them means the number of people interested in what the site offers. There are tons of tutorials on how to create a website or blog, and it’s also easy to work with site builders like Weebly.com that can help you build your website or blog quickly.

Earning additional income is hard work. Having a website or blog can certainly help you gain some side income online. You can create a website to showcase your personal works and products like t-shirts, artbooks or any other merchandise that you have. You could add a shopping cart to your site and create a retail online shop to sell your products. Your website or blog is also the place for you to include your contact info for any art commissions or other business related stuff.

As we’ve mentioned before, by making the most from contextual advertising and social media, you can make quite an amount of side income which could grow into substantial passive monthly income. Aside from publishing comics and selling them to make money, there are many ways for you to make profit from comic art. Printing artbooks or comics and selling your comic art works in conventions are some of the typical things that most comic artists and illustrators do to make money on the side. Once you have secured yourself online however, whether by website, blog or social media, you are then open to more monetizing options. You can start receiving requests for art commissions and make the most of contextual advertising as a publisher.


Art commission requests

Commission requests require you to set the price together with the type of art format that you decide. For example, you set a certain price, say $20 for a head sketch, $40 for a bust sktech, $60 for full body sketch and $100 for full body colored art. This is pretty much like putting a price tag for your drawing services and makes it easier for people interested in making requests to set their budget. We have covered more about commission requests in Reputation, so be sure to check it out. Let’s move on to another way you can make money online: publishing ads for contextual advertising.


Ads publisher : the other side of contextual advertising

We have mentioned before (Marketing – Contextual Advertising) on how advertisers and publishers work and benefit from each other. Let’s take a look on how you can profit from being an ads publisher. Adsites like Google AdSense and Project Wonderful offer programs for publishers, which works very similarly to Adwords.

For publishers, Instead of creating advertisements, they create ad units.Ad units are advertisement spaces that are used to display or publish ads created by advertisers. After customizing the ad unit to suit the website’s or blog’s theme, publishers will be given HTML codes that can then placed into their website or blog. In order to be eligible for it, you must own either a website or a blog that is active for at least a month before you sign up for the program. You will earn money if the ads that you put up as a publisher was clicked in your blog or website. The price per click depends on either an amount from the price of the ads that the advertisers put up or the percentage that was set aside by the program. It may not be much in the beginning, but as your website or blog ages over time, the price per click will rise eventually.

This method of making side income is pretty normal and you can benefit quite an amount of money from it if done correctly. Other advertising companies will also contact you regarding placement for their ads within your website, mostly through offers in emails or contact that was shown by you.You can still use both Google AdWords and Project Wonderful on your site but we recommend using one of the two. Keep in mind that you should limit your ads per page to a maximum of three to be safe. This is because if there are too many ads in a single page within your website or blog, it may end up looking like an advertisement site. Even worse, your website might be in trouble of being flagged as a spam site which is not healthy for your site’s ranking.

Another thing to remember is that as a publisher, you must not, in any way, click on your own ads that you put up.Do not even think of asking your friend to click for you, even if they are in a different country because the advertisement company will know. If they found out that you click on your own ads or asked people to do it for you, the will not hesitate to close your account and return all your revenues back to the advertisers.


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