Drawing a comic character can be tough.Especially if you’re a newbie or have not been drawing for a while.When drawing comic characters, most people draw directly as they see the character and won’t even bother drawing any guidelines or basic shapes for a better figure proportion which usually ends up with the comic character looking rather awkward. Drawing basic proportion itself can be pretty tricky, but that’s where the use of mannequin figure model can help. Mannequin figure models are very useful that it can be used as a guide to draw any comic character you wish: Wolverine, Batman, Ironman, Catwoman, Storm. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing adult or young, male or female, mannequin figure model can help you in a lot of ways.



The use of a mannequin model is very simple. Just arrange the mannequin model to how you want your comic character to look.Most mannequin are made using simple shapes to make it easier for anyone to follow on paper.So by using the model as guideline, start doing a rough sketch of the comic character you want to draw.You can even draw your own version of your favorite comic character as the versatility when using mannequin model enables you to draw any comic character in any pose you want.


No Gender Rough Sketch

Most mannequin figure models are unisex and as mentioned above are made using simple shape.The proportion of most mannequin models are standard medium sized humanoid and is perfect for both gender.It is great as reference and guide for both male and female.To differentiate between male and female, you can make the men a bit taller and wider in proportion while making it slimmer and curvy for the women.


Trying out ( Draw Any Superhero Character Using This Method)

Get your pencil and papers ready! Time to test out your skill using this method.Start by using a picture of the comic character for reference as to getting the idea of how his/her costume look like. A full figure picture of the character will do just fine.

  • Arrange the mannequin model figure to a pose you would like the character to do.
  • You can now start drawing a rough sketch of the character’s figure with the help of the mannequin figure model.
  • After you have done that, add the outline of the costume on top of the rough sketch of your comic character as if you are dressing your character but only drawing.
  • Finally, you can add the details of the character for example muscles shapes, costume details or logo as well as the facial features and expressions to finish up.


Improving By Practicing

If your initial sketch using this method and the mannequin as guide isn’t what you would expect or not as good as you thought, there is only one way to help improve this an that is by practicing.Ask any professional comic artist and they will say that it takes years of practice and learning to get to their level of art.The saying – Practice Makes Perfect – is by far the most accurate when relating to drawing.Though it look as if you have gained nothing from when you first start, take a look at your earlier sketches and you start to notice how much you have improved.


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